Renting modular tents (5-120 m)

  • Renting modular tents (5-120 m)

    Size (choose) Price Buy
    10x5 m
    Price 350  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x5
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    10x10 m
    Price 700  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x10
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    10x15 m
    Price 1050  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x15
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    10x20 m
    Price 1400  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x20
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    10x25 m
    Price 1750  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x25
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    10x30 m
    Price 2100  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x30
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    10x35 m
    Price 2450  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x35
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    10x40 m
    Price 2800  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x40
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    10x45 m
    Price 3150  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x45
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    10x50 m
    Price 3500  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x50
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    10x55 m
    Price 3850  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x55
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    10x60 m
    Price 4200  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x60
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    10x65 m
    Price 4550  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x65
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    10x70 m
    Price 4900  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x70
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    10x75 m
    Price 5250  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x75
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    10x80 m
    Price 5600  VAT excl.
    Code: RENT-NPG-Modular-Tents-10x80
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    Rental price for 1 day.
    Additional day 1/3 from the rental price.

    Stand area
    10x5 m
    450 cm
    1000 cm
    500 cm
  • A modular tent is an aluminum frame tent that is assembled in parts. Total length and width are extracted as needed. Module dimensions: 10x5 m (50 sq.m.). We can install 5- to 120-m-long pavers! To achieve a larger tent area, the tents can be connected to each other on various sides. The height of the tent is 4.5 m. There are no supporting columns inside the structure, so you will be able to use the available space as efficiently as possible. The tent can be installed on various surfaces: grass, cobblestones, sand. We can offer a transparent tent - please inquire about the price.


    You can choose the desired wall:

    • White cover
    • Transparent cover
    • White cover with windows
    • White Zip Up Cover (For Aisle)


    It is possible to install a sliding tent wall, when the event participants will be protected from wind or rain in case of bad weather conditions.


    Technical specifications:

    • Tent module: 10x5 m
    • Module area: 50 sq.m.
    • Height: 4.5 m
    • Color: white/transparent
    • Covering: PVC Tarpaulin 950 g/sq.m.
    • Protection from rain and wind


    Inside the tent, you can lay the floor, build a stage with a platform, hang lighting and various decorations.