Frames and their Systems

  • Wooden, plastic, aluminum, magnetic advertising frames are hung on the wall


    Various advertising and informational frames are sold in different sizes and profiles, openable, magnetic, with cork coating, with locks, illuminated. Can be hung both horizontally and vertically. Frames are successfully and widely used to present visual information. They are used in advertising, information, general stand structures. There are different sizes, colors, made of different materials (anodized aluminum, plastic, wood) - all this to meet the needs of each customer. Some frames are designed for individual use, while others can be combined with each other to form a common stand system. We also offer very high quality frame hanging systems with hanging cables, lines, hooks and lighting.

    We offer design and layout services. Our designers are always ready to help create and layout an advertising or informational poster - ASK.

    CLICK Frame (BLACK 25mm)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-BL

    Black CLICK advertising frame made of aluminum

    Price 11  - 26  VAT excl.
    CLICK Frame (SI 25mm)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-SI

    THE MOST POPULAR ITEM! - CLICK advertising frame

    Price - 55  VAT excl.
    CLICK Rėmas (Hanging)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-Hanging

    Hanging double-sided CLICK advertising frame

    Price 52  - 90  VAT excl.
    Envelope magnetic DURAFRAME
    Code: PY-DUR487419

    Magnetic envelope for placing information or advertising

    Price VAT excl.
    Code: PY-frame-duraframe
    Country of manufacture

    Magnetic frame for placing information or advertising

    Price - 14  VAT excl.
    Frame for writing DURAFRAME
    Code: PY-frame-duraframe-writing
    Country of manufacture

    Magnetic frame for placing information or advertising

    Price 16  VAT excl.
    Frame hanging system Swing Wing
    Code: MAR-swing-wing

    FlexiFrame frame hanging system for fixing to the wall

    Price 52  - 77  VAT excl.
    Frame MAGNETIC
    Code: PMP-frame-magnetic
    Country of manufacture

    Adhesive magnetic frame for advertising and information

    Price - 12  VAT excl.
    Frame MAGNETIC (Two-sided)
    Code: PMP-frame-magnetic-D
    Country of manufacture

    Adhesive double-sided magnetic frame for information or advertising

    Price 11  - 25  VAT excl.
    Frame MAGNETIC Safety
    Code: PMP-frame-magnetic-Safety
    Country of manufacture

    Adhesive warning magnetic frame to hold information

    Price 11  - 14  VAT excl.
    Frames FlexiFrame
    Code: MAR-FlexiFrame

    FlexiFrame plastic frames. Multifunctional.

    Price - 74  VAT excl.
    Profile (for walls)
    Code: REM-RAIL-Wall

    The frame hanging system profile 3m is intended for installation on the wall.

    Price 40  VAT excl.
    Set of magnetic frames 5 pcs.
    Code: AJP-frame-magnetic
    Country of manufacture

    A set of magnetic frames for advertising and information

    Price 49  - 65  VAT excl.
  • Anodized aluminum and plastic frames are perfect for outdoor use - they don't rust, easy to maintain, practical. The rotating frames have the CLICK system, thanks to which the frame profiles are easily folded and you can easily change the poster. Can be used to frame photos, diplomas, advertising, menus or other information. Special anti-reflective plastic that protects the image from scratches, sunlight, moisture, dust and various external influences. LED light frames are illuminated from the inside and consume little electricity. We offer one-sided and two-sided advertising frames, hanging systems for homes, offices, various institutions, galleries.