LED Stands BOX

  • Modular walls and stands for exhibitions, structures with LED lighting


    The LED BOX stand system is a mobile thick anodized aluminum construction of several different heights with built-in LED lighting. The graphic advertising poster is printed on BACKLIT textile - this is a special fabric that disperses light well and evenly. The perimeter of the poster is covered with silicone, which is intended for attachment to the frame of the aluminum structure. The stand is double-sided, so posters can be hung from both sides.


    Construction specification:

    • Quick installation - stands are easily and simply assembled, no additional tools are required
    • Precise attraction - the bench modules connect to each other by attracting each other with strong magnets
    • High-quality materials - anodized aluminum frame, OSRAM LED lighting
    • Modular system - it is possible to expand the walls, create unique exposition structures, roof
    • Mobility - the system is packed in a strong nylon bag with a handle
    • Compactness - the stand is fully collapsible, can be transported by car or plane

    Poster Specification:

    • Contrasting image - the print is characterized by extremely rich colors
    • Does not stretch - elasticity does not change over time
    • Crease-resistant - does not form fold lines, does not damage the structure of the fabric
    • Moisture resistant - does not absorb water and dirt, does not change its weight
    • Airtight - manufacturing material 100% polyester
    • Resistant to cold - the material and the press do not break
    • Light weight - a square meter weighs about 200 g
    • Quick installation - graphics are installed using silicone tape



    Installation and possibilities of BOX stand constructions


    Installation of the BOX structure

    Stand LED BOX (wall 100x200)
    Code: PMP-5907451664001
    200 cm
    100 cm
    40 cm

    Illuminated advertising wall, double-sided stand BOX with poster

    Price 219  VAT excl.
    365  You save 146 
    Stand LED BOX (wall 100x230)
    Code: PMP-5907451669921
    230 cm
    100 cm
    40 cm

    Double-sided mobile stand LED BOX with poster, illuminated advertising wall

    Price 273  VAT excl.
    455  You save 182 
    Stand LED BOX (wall 100x250)
    Code: PMP-5907451669914
    250 cm
    100 cm
    40 cm

    Textile stand with LED light from the inside, modular construction

    Price 290  VAT excl.
    485  You save 195 
    Bag for LED BOX structures

    Nylon bag with handles

    Price 45  - 60  VAT excl.
  • Illuminated anodized aluminum LED BOX modules are intended for use alone or to be connected to stand systems and advertising walls.