Brochure stands

  • Folding mobile brochure stands for exhibitions, trade, advertising and events


    What are brochure stands?

    This is a magazine or case designed to hold press, advertising, magazines, catalogs, booklets, flyers, and promote your product. Mostly adapted for formats A4 and A5, sometimes A3 and A6. The material from which brochure stands are made is usually aluminum, stainless steel, steel coated with powder paint, plastic or wood. The magazines themselves can be single or combined into sets. Brochure stands are single-sided or double-sided, standing or hanging, unfolding or folding. RENTAL of brochure stands - ask. Manufacturers provide a warranty of up to 7 years!


    Where are brochure stands most commonly used?

    Brochure stands are a great way to distribute your press at exhibitions, product presentations, conferences, markets, receptions, offices, etc. They are mostly used in exhibition stands, hotels, museums, souvenir shops, travel agencies, banks, car showrooms, shopping centers, various shops, newsstands, universities and colleges, leisure and entertainment centers, and other similar places.


    Intelligent properties:
    Practicality - allows you to convey relevant information in the form of print (brochures, flyers, catalogs, magazines, books and etc..)
    Compact - takes up less space, easier to store.
    Simplicity - brochure holders easily prepared for use by all - men, women, elderly people, children.
    Durability - properly used brochure holders may serve more than a decade, without losing its existing properties.
    Time - preparing to use brochure holders it takes very low time - from just a few seconds.
    Attractive design - aesthetic, modern and innovative design can attract eye more.

    Booklet stand METAL-X
    Code: PMP-5907451662489

    Mobile booklet floor stand with five A4 format magazines

    Price 142  VAT excl.
    190  You save 48 
    Booklet stand PORT
    Code: PMP-5907451660560

    Mobile brochure stand with transparent A4 format magazines

    Price 129  VAT excl.
    185  You save 56 
    Booklet stand ZigZag A3
    Code: PMP-ZigZag-A3

    Double-sided A3 format ZigZag 6-compartment brochure stand

    Price 146  - 165  VAT excl.
    Booklet stand ZigZag A3 BLACK
    Code: PMP-5907451668955

    Black double-sided A3 format ZigZag 6-chapter brochure holder

    Price 179  VAT excl.
    239  You save 60 
    Booklet stand ZigZag A4
    Code: PMP-ZigZag-A4

    Double-sided A4 format ZigZag 6-compartment brochure stand

    Price 125  - 149  VAT excl.
    Booklet stand ZigZag A4 BLACK
    Code: PMP-5907451668962

    Black double-sided A4 format ZigZag 6-chapter brochure holder

    Price 159  VAT excl.
    219  You save 60 
    A4 frame with A4 booklet
    Code: PMP-5907451664889

    Black metal stand with CLICK A4 frame and transparent A4 booklet holder.

    Price 72  VAT excl.
    Booklet stand BLACK-4
    Code: PMP-5907451660546

    Metal black A4 format 4-compartment brochure stand

    Price 114  VAT excl.
    Booklet stand BLACK-4 (Kopija)
    Code: PMP-5907451663592

    Black metal brochure stand with table top. A3 and A4 advertising print can be placed.

    Price 137  VAT excl.
    Booklet stand TABLE
    Code: PMP-5907451660577

    Info table and metal A4 format 3-section brochure stand - two in one!

    Price 218  VAT excl.
    Brochure holder A4 (Flexiframe)
    Code: MAR-5100

    Metal booklet shelf for Flexiframe stands. It is placed between the frames of the stand.

    Price 19  VAT excl.
    Double-sided mobile stand for brochures SE-16
    Code: AJP-10149

    Mobile, 16-section, A4 format double-sided brochure stand with wheels

    Price 310  VAT excl.
    Mobile stand for brochures SE-10
    Code: AJP-10147

    Mobile, standing 10-section, A4 format booklet floor stand

    Price 275  VAT excl.
    Mobile stand for magazines SE-4
    Code: AJP-10151

    Mobile 4-shelf floor stand for magazines and booklets on wheels

    Price 265  VAT excl.
    Rotating stand for brochures SE-40
    Code: AJP-10150

    Rotatable, four-sided, mobile stand-up 40-compartment, A4 format booklet floor stand

    Price 655  VAT excl.
    Wall-mounted booklet stand SE-10
    Code: AJP-10146

    Hanging wall stand for 10 sections, A4 format booklets

    Price 245  VAT excl.
    Wall-mounted booklet stand SE-15
    Code: AJP-10279

    Hanging wall stand for 15 sections, A4 format booklets

    Price 79  VAT excl.
    Wall-mounted booklet stand SE-6
    Code: AJP-10278

    Hanging wall stand for 6 sections, A4 format booklets

    Price 29  VAT excl.
    Wall-mounted booklet stand VH-6
    Code: AJP-SE-VH-6

    Hanging vertical or horizontal 6-section, A4 format booklet wall stand

    Price 85  VAT excl.
  • Stands for brochures, booklets, flyers, magazines, catalogs, advertising. Compact, mobile, quickly unfolded and ready for use. Booklet stands are made of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood. It has cases for holding advertising material, press, catalogs, leaflets, flyers, magazines. Can be one-sided, two-sided, three- or four-part, unfolding, rotating, standing. Mostly in A5, A4, A3 format pockets. Hanging or standing, mobile with wheels, compact.