Stands TUBE chrome

  • Information advertising stands, notice boards, wardrobes, floor stands with wheels


    TUBE is a chrome-plated steel structural system. Its base consists of a 25mm pipe, metal connections, brackets and legs, 18mm laminated chipboard or 5mm tempered glass. Assembly and disassembly is simple and quick. You can stick graphic decoration on the plane, hang exhibits. The advertising information stand can be double-sided, since the plane is used from both sides. The stands are suitable for indoor and temporary outdoor use. We produce chrome stands of various sizes and designs according to individual orders - ASK


    Connecting elements of the pipe system TUBE


    TUBE information stands and bulletin boards for schools, offices, hotels, conferences, social institutions, and other places where people flow.

    Tubular construction, connection with metal jointsReinforcements of the pipe system, an example of interconnectionFixing a wooden shelf with pipe structuresChrome pipe with plastic foot on the floorNotice board with cork cover for pinning information and writing on topNotice board with white LMDP - laminated chipboardNotice board production, price, trade, placed on the floor, information standStand for pinning ads, cork board on both sides, buildableNotice board stands with cork covering in schools for pinning information sheetsAn informative floor stand is being built in the corridor, double-sidedCork board with wheels, stand for information, announcements, advertisingMobile bulletin boards for hanging advertising and information, with wheelsExhibition stand with graphic posters, in the airport hall, photo exhibitionThree-part exhibition stand, wall with photos, exhibitionPhoto gallery on a wooden panel, metal stands, exhibition displayPhoto photo gallery on mobile floor stands, exhibition, event

    TUBE constructions for photo walls, used for photo sessions, photography, event decoration. They are often used for weddings, birthdays, business parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, stages, music concerts and similar celebrations.

    Decorative wall for events, stands for photo sessions, rental and production, priceFour women pose for a wedding photo session by the wall of the photo boothA wall for festive events and parties, with a graphic posterPhoto booth for birthdays, festive colored helium balloonsOn the occasion of the opening of the company's birthday, a festive stand with balloon decorationsStandard photo walls for events, production and rental, priceFestive concert stage with stand, wall with graphic posterDuring the exhibition, a stage with equipment, an advertising wall with the name of the company was prepared

    Metal structures made of tubes TUBE are intended for company advertising, information, graphic design, photo stands.

    A stand with logos placed on the grass outside near the trees during the summerAn advertising stand with corporate logos stands on the tiled pavementA stand with a poster, the theme of the event, is intended for conferences and presentationsStore opening event, advertising wall with sponsor logosAdvertising of the event on the wall poster, advertising banners on the sidesLogos of sponsors on the wall of the stand, construction with a hanging posterA metal structure with an awning, a wall with graphics is built on a wooden floorGraphic image on the wall of the advertising stand near the entrance of the storeA stand with a world map placed near the entrance outsidePartition wall with company name on posterAdvertising photo wall with logos and inscriptions standing in a clothing storeTwo advertising walls with graphic posters and corporate logos and trademarks

    TUBE chrome steel pipe system is also used in household, trade, clothing stores, salons and other similar places. It is possible to produce display cases, wardrobes, hangers, partitions, insert glass or furniture panels, information tables, and other furniture. Also for forming covers and partitions.

    Metal structure of clothes rack with shelves on the wallMetal pipe for hangers, wardrobe in the closet, hangerShelves for storing clothes, commercial wardrobe, tube system TUBETwo-story wardrobe, hanger with hangers and clothesDresses and skirts are hung on hangers in the wardrobeWardrobe, wooden shelves, storage for things from the tube system TUBEShop interior with chrome pipe constructions TUBEInstallation of shop windows, racks of shop shelves, for storing goodsInstallation of a wardrobe with numbered hangers, production of clothes hangersExhibition shop window with car rimsRim stand, storage and trade structure made of tubes TUBEFencing the area with constructions with a poster, production and installation of partitions

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  • TUBE - tube system stands, partitions, clothes hangers, advertising walls, informational floor stands.