Frame hanging system CLICK RAIL

  • Frame and picture hanging system CLICK RAIL


    The Dutch-made CLICK RAIL frame hanging system makes it much easier to hang and change pictures, posters, photos without drilling holes in the walls. The hanging system consists of: anodized aluminum rail (profile), cable (length and position in the rail are adjustable), hook for hanging the picture. These systems are perfect for homes, offices, galleries, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, libraries, museums and other places where the exposure changes more often. Installation is very simple - the system profile is attached to the wall or ceiling. The required amount of cables is injected into the profiles, and hooks are placed on them. The manufacturer provides even a 10-year warranty!



    Three pictures in frames are hung on a line with a hook on the wallAbstract art picture on the wall CLICK RAIL hanging systemCLICK RAIL frame suspension system with frames on cablesInclined hanging of frames under the stairs, aluminum profile with fastenersWhite frame hanging profile with hanging lines and hooksHanging pictures on two floors, one after the other on a cableHanging a large picture on the CLICK RAIL systemMounting many framed pictures on the wall with a frame hanging systemHanging small frames with the CLICK RAIL system on the wallFrame with CLICK rail system, ceiling profile, two lines, two hooksProfile for hanging frames from the ceiling on the wall with cables and hooksHanging heavy pictures with frames on the CLICK RAIL systemPaintable aluminum profile on the wall with creeping lines and hooksThe CLICK RAIL frame hanging system profile is paintedA room with a frame mounting system, many pictures are hungFrame hanging bar with cables on a concrete wall with pictures in framesPhoto paintings on the canvas are fixed with the CLICK RAIL frame hanging systemA transparent line holds the paintings on hooks, mounted to the ceilingThe aluminum profile CLICK RAIL holds two floors one after the otherFrame and picture hanging system with lighting in the hallHanging frames on one cable with hooks in the workroomHanging frames on a line with the CLICK RAIL system at the front doorHanging advertising pictures in the shopping centerAn art gallery with paintings hung on the CLICK RAIL frame system


    How to choose:

    1. Choose a hanging profile (wall or ceiling). 3 pcs should be allocated for one rail metro profile suspension. brackets.
    2. Choose a cable (clear wire or braided steel). A longer cable can be clipped.
    3. Select a hook. You can hang one or more hooks on one cable.



    Profile color options are available: White, Paintable, Aluminum matt.
    All rails are thin and almost imperceptible, blend in and do not spoil the aesthetics of the interior.


    Frame and picture hanging system CLICK RAIL aluminum profilesFrame hanging system CLICK RAIL set: profile, cable, brackets, hook, nozzle



    1. Screw the brackets to the wall.
    2. Place the aluminum profile on the brackets.
    3. Install the suspension cables.
    4. Place plastic tips on the ends of the profiles.
    5. Hang the frames.
    6. Finally, cut the unnecessary length of cables.




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    High-quality Artiteq CLICK RAIL frame hanging system, which allows you to hang frames of the desired size, move them to the desired side, swap places, raise or lower, rehang, create a multi-level picture exhibition. Hang pictures, photos, posters or other framed displays without nails!

    Profile (for walls)
    Code: REM-RAIL-Wall

    The frame hanging system profile 3m is intended for installation on the wall.

    Price 40  VAT excl.
    Profile (for ceilings)
    Code: REM-RAIL-ceiling

    The frame hanging system profile 3m is intended for installation on the ceiling.

    Price 30  VAT excl.
    Bracket set CLICK RAIL WALL
    Code: REM-RAIL-Bracket-Wall

    Bracket set (for wall profiles)

    Price VAT excl.
    Plastic tip
    Code: REM-RAIL-corner

    CLICK RAIL nozzle and corner joint

    Price VAT excl.
    Suspension cable
    Code: REM-RAIL-Hanging

    CLICK RAIL suspension cable or clear line

    Price 5.50  - VAT excl.
    Hook for cable
    Code: REM-Hook

    A creeping hook

    Price - VAT excl.
  • Picture hanging system CLICK RAIL made of aluminum.