Stands ISOframe

  • Flexible mobile advertising exhibition stands. Modular system. Advertising and photo wall


    ISOframe wave is a flexible anodized aluminum mobile exhibition stand system that connects to each other with modules. Modules can be swapped, additional ones can be connected, disconnected when not in use. A larger stand can be divided into several small ones, and different small ones can be combined into one. The structural system is completely hidden behind the posters, which stick with the help of strong magnets, so all the attention is focused on plasticity and graphic design. The system does not use any additional screws - all locks are built into the profiles themselves. You will set up the stand quickly and easily!


    Flexible modules extend outwards or inwards, so your stand will always adapt to different stand areas! The structure can twist into a tower, a spiral or be divided into several segments - it all depends only on your imagination! We make stands according to individual orders - ASK. The manufacturer provides even a 10-year warranty!



    The stand can be folded to the desired angle, so it will adapt to various areas! A straight wall can fit L-shaped or U-shaped stands when the neighbors are from the left or right. You will also avoid unpleasant surprises when the planned stand area is smaller in reality. The maximum tilting of one flexible module is even 180 degrees. The stand can be rolled up, curved, twisted, tables can be connected, TV and LCD monitors can be hung, and LED lights can be lit. All modules, except for the sides, are 80 cm wide. Height can be customized. Standard heights: 230 cm and 250 cm.


    Features of the ISOframe Wave mobile stand


    Stendas gali lankstytis pagal stendo plotą, dalintis ir susijungti, keistis vietomis!


    Installation sequence of the ISOframe Wave mobile exhibition stand


    Installing the stand is very simple, fast and convenient! Start the installation from the lower part, form the desired contour of the stand, complete the installation of the structure, hang the posters. Complete installation of the stand only takes a few minutes and you are ready for the exhibition!


    ISOframe wave reklaminio stendo moduliai, jungimas ir keitimas vietomis


    POSTER PRINTING (4-5 layers: laminate, aluminum, plastic, paper, press, floor laminate). We press the graphic image directly on the plastic, so over time, white bands do not appear on the sides of the posters. This happens when others stick a sticker on the plastic, and it shrinks about 0.7-1.5 mm to its original structure over the course of a year. Our proposed solution helps to avoid white lines!



    Assembling the ISOframe Wave mobile stand


    You don't need any tools to assemble the stand system - everything is ready and thought out!



    Create the most suitable stand for you!

    Transport box with wheels (IS-5066)
    Code: MAR-IS-5066

    Hard plastic box on wheels for construction and posters. Can be used as an Info Desk!

    Price 440  VAT excl.
    Counter Circular (ISOframe)
    Code: MAR-IS-9496
    89 cm
    65 cm
    65 cm

    Round Info table with shelf and bag, LED lighting

    Price 906  VAT excl.
    Combined transport box with wheels (5040)
    Code: MAR-5040

    Hard plastic box on wheels for construction, posters, lighting. Divides into parts. Can be used as an Info Desk!

    Price 672  VAT excl.
    Counter Rectangular (ISOframe)
    Code: MAR-IS-9495
    89 cm
    40 cm
    99 cm

    Rectangular info table with shelf and basket, LED lighting

    Price 855  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-1)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-1

    Three-module exhibition stand, flexible photo wall

    Price 1373  - 1412  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-2)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-2

    Three-piece stand with table and TV stand

    Price 2018  - 2063  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-3)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-3

    Flexible four-module stand. A single photo wall.

    Price 1750  - 1796  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-4)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-4

    Flexible six-module stand. Mobile and smooth advertising photo wall.

    Price 2504  - 2564  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-5)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-5

    Six-module stand with TV stand and support table

    Price 3149  - 3215  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-6)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-6

    Seven-module stand with shelves, semi-circular table and TV stand

    Price 4446  - 4520  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-7)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-7

    11-module stand with semi-circular table and TV stand

    Price 4984  - 5098  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-8)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-8

    8-module stand with semi-circular table and TV stand

    Price 3943  - 4024  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-9)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-9

    11-module stand with two tables and two TV stands

    Price 5679  - 5786  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-10)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-10

    8-module corner exhibition stand with storage room

    Price 5630  - 5757  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-11)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-11

    12-module exhibition stand with tables, 4 shelves, 2 TV stands

    Price 7636  - 7750  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-12)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-12

    10-module corner flexible construction mobile exhibition stand

    Price 6197  - 6315  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-13)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-13

    9-module one-piece I-shaped flexible construction mobile exhibition stand

    Price 4925  - 5018  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-14)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-14

    Three-part, 11-module I-shaped flexible mobile presentation display stand

    Price 5558  - 5696  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-15)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-15

    17-module one-piece display stand with doors and LED lighting

    Price 8508  - 8652  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-16)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-16

    Flexible construction, 12-module one-piece display stand with doors

    Price 6929  - 7033  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-17)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-17

    14-module exhibition stand with two rooms for storage

    Price 10011  - 10281  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-18)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-18

    12-module exhibition stand with part of the roof and room for storing things

    Price 7195  - 7393  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-19)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-19

    15 modules, two separate parts mobile advertising exhibition stand

    Price 7921  - 8083  VAT excl.
    Stand (ISO-W-20)
    Code: MAR-ISO-W-20

    12-module advertising presentation exhibition stand with showcase, door and niche for storing items

    Price 8353  - 8539  VAT excl.
  • The world's first fully flexible anodized aluminum mobile exhibition stand system. Easy-to-install modular system with graphic posters that attach to the aluminum structure with the help of magnets. The graphic image is visible as a whole, and the constructions are hidden behind the poster. Modules can be interchanged, connected to walls or stands of different lengths. It is possible to hang TV screens, install showcases for goods or exhibits, connect LED lighting, place catalogs or leaflets in booklet cases. Advertising posters compactly roll up and put into a transport bag or a plastic transport box on wheels. The mobile stand system is made of the highest quality materials. Designed for convenient transportation by car or passenger plane. Transport boxes can be used as information desks. The structure of the stands is easily adapted to different areas of the stand, and the one-piece advertising poster looks elegant and modern!