Frames CLICK (aluminum)

  • Openable anodized aluminum frames CLICK


    What are CLICK flip frames?

    These are openable anodized aluminum frames with protective clear plastic, designed to accommodate advertising or other informational material. The frame is screwed or glued with double-sided adhesive tape to the wall or plane. It can also be hung on ropes or clear line. A transparent polycarbonate protective filter protects the print from direct UV sunlight. It is a popular, durable and very practical item. Commonly used in shop windows, corridors, elevators, halls, changing rooms, underground parking lots, gas stations, shops, shopping centers, sports and leisure halls, schools, museums, cafes, bars and other places where information needs to be conveyed. The edges of the frame open and you can place or replace the poster with another in just a few seconds! Manufacturers provide a warranty of up to 7 years!


    Horizontal and vertical tilting aluminum frame CLICKThe sides of the CLICK frame are opened, advertising information, press can be insertedA-shaped advertising floor stand, stand with CLICK frames on both sidesThe advertisement is placed in a CLICK frame on the wall at the entrance to the elevatorAdvertising Click aluminum frame in the shopping center on the wallThree CLICK frames with advertising graphics are displayed on the wall, informationPromotion, menu, low price, advertising on the wall in aluminum frames CLICKClick promotional frames on the wall with promotional information


    Tip :) When placing the poster vertically, first press the top edge of the frame, then the sides and the bottom. This way the poster will be smooth and perfectly in place!


    CLICK Frame (BLACK 25mm)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-BL

    Black CLICK advertising frame made of aluminum

    Price 11  - 26  VAT excl.
    CLICK Frame (SI 25mm)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-SI

    THE MOST POPULAR ITEM! - CLICK advertising frame

    Price - 55  VAT excl.
    CLICK Rėmas (Hanging)
    Code: PMP-frame-click-Hanging

    Hanging double-sided CLICK advertising frame

    Price 52  - 90  VAT excl.
  • CLICK opening frames made of anodized aluminum.