X-20 Stands

  • X-20 black stand structures for mobile stands, connecting cube

    Stand system X-20 EXPO wire is a mobile Danish-made exhibition stand system (also called a structure or a farm), whose beam dimensions are 20x20 cm. The rail beam meter weighs only 2.3 Kg! Beams and soles connect to the cube, installation is quick and easy. An X-joint is used to connect the beams together. The poster is stretched with the help of straps. The system is mostly used for exhibition stands, stages, photo walls, advertising signs, hanging lamps to illuminate a busy stand area, hanging advertisements, trade areas, various indoor and outdoor events, and advertising. Suitable for continuous outdoor use, withstands heavy loads.

    X-20 is a mobile bench construction whose beams flatten and become very compact!





    STAND POSTER MANUFACTURING LOWEST PRICES - compared to other stands, printing on a cast tarp is produced the cheapest! Stand posters can be with or without graphic printing (white color). Posters without printing are half the price, they are mostly used to separate stand partitions or internal rooms. Ask about the use of other desired materials. It is also a great way to hang or pin your own photos, posters or relevant information. It can be attached with double-sided adhesive tape, plasticine or pins.

    X-20 structures, trusses, parts

    • Structural beams from 20 cm to 200 cm.
    • Beam steps: every 20 cm
    • The thick part of the beam: Ø 20 mm
    • The thin part of the beam: Ø 10 mm
    • Composition: 70% aluminum, 30% plastic.
    • Weight (average): 2.3 Kg / m
    • Colors: black, white, gray


    • Use: indoors, outdoors only when firmly established
    • Recommended total horizontal beam length: up to 4 m
    • Recommended total stand height: up to 8 m
    • Storage (volume): 60 meter beams / m3
    • Poster hanging: fastening straps, elastics, metal bands + holders
    • Installation tools: ladder, electric screwdriver

    Load Table X-20. The load is calculated on a horizontal beam, which is connected by two cubes and placed on two vertical beams.

    Beam length Weight in center Distributed weight
    100 cm 400 Kg 400 Kg
    200 cm 250 Kg 400 Kg
    300 cm 120 Kg 240 Kg
    400 cm 95 Kg 190 Kg
    500 cm 70 Kg 140 Kg
    600 cm 60 Kg 120 Kg



    Photos of stands X-20

    X-20 structure, cube and flattened beam disconnected next to itX-20 construction, the cube is joined together with the beamX-20 black mobile farm, connecting cube, flat soleAdvertising poster on black aluminum structure, partition with awning outsideHangar, exhibition hall with black structures on which lighting hangsPhoto wall with green background, rope barriers, black aluminum structure for lightingStand structure outside, advertising banners above, motorcycle belowLocomotive display with black structures and posters at the train stationLighting display, stand made of black truss structures in the storeMobile prefabricated structures for trade, mobile exhibitions, expositionsExhibition stand with carpet, aluminum structures, advertising posters, bar table and chairsMobile exhibition stand made of prefabricated black modules, posters with press and furnitureCorner stand with advertising wall, modular table, stand with platformMobile stand with gym equipment, construction X-20Mobile collapsible stand made of black structures, suspended TV screens, postersMobile construction stand at the horticultural and interior exhibition, black farmsA textile stand with graphics is draped over black structures, before the start of the exhibitionA stand with milling and advertising production equipment was built for the advertising exhibitionOpen stand with black truss structures, mobile modules, lightingLarge stand, rental of constructions, tower with advertising poster



    Tightening nylon straps (thin 20-25 cm long are recommended) can be used to fasten the posters - they can be purchased additionally. To remove the poster, we recommend using pliers to cut the straps quickly and safely. Using a knife, you can cut into a poster or structures.

    Black poster hanging strapsPliers for cutting straps and their ends


    One beam has four pivot points. For quick twisting, you can use an electric twister with a flexible extension and a hex head.

    Cordless screwdriver with flexible tip



    Prefab, mobile transport boxes (more info here...)

    Mobile transport and storage boxes, collapsible frame, compact, with wheels

    Examples of stands with prices and detailed information:

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  • Stand system X-20 TRUSS wire - large and massive construction of aluminum and protective plastic layer, characterized by light weight and increased strength. Beams collapse for compact transport and storage! It is intended for mobile exhibitions and events indoors and outdoors, easy to install, does not require additional screws (everything is built into the structure itself). We make stands according to individual orders - ASK.