Here are some poster production prices based on the outline. For other dimensions or larger quantities, we will calculate the price individually - ASK.


    Top quality graphic printing with Swiss technology!



    Awning (BlockOut) + rivets
    Code: Tent-Blockout+rivets-0

    Opaque cast PVC tarpaulin of the highest quality with printing and riveting along the perimeter.

    Price 27  VAT excl.
    Awning (Mesh) + rivets
    Code: Tent-Mesh+rivets-0

    Mesh-based breathable tarps can be printed on both sides.

    Price 24  VAT excl.
    Awning (premium PVC)
    Code: Tent-PVC-0

    High-quality cast PVC awning with printing.

    Price 15  VAT excl.
    Awning (premium PVC) + rivets
    Code: Tent+rivets-0

    High-quality cast PVC awning with press and riveting along the perimeter.

    Price 17  VAT excl.
    Awning (premium PVC) white + rivets
    Code: Tent-white+rivets-0

    High-quality cast PVC awning without press with riveting along the perimeter.

    Price 10  VAT excl.
    BACKLIT poster
    Code: BACKLIT-0

    Special translucent material

    Price 35  VAT excl.
    Code: Paper-0

    High white matte or glossy paper.

    Price - 15  VAT excl.
    Paper (synthetic)
    Code: Paper-synthetic-PP-0

    Graphic print on synthetic polypropylene (PP) paper.

    Price - 15  VAT excl.
    Plastic (BlockOut) + laminate
    Code: Plastic-Blockout+laminate-0

    Opaque top quality PVC plastic with graphic print and laminate

    Price 56  VAT excl.
    Roll-up Premium (BlockOut)
    Code: Roll-up-Premium-BlockOut-0

    Special material for graphic printing for Roll-Up stands, banners, floor stands, outdoor posters.

    Price 25  VAT excl.
    Sticker (perforated)
    Code: Sticker-perforated-0

    Film with graphic printing, intended for gluing on glass, when visibility from the inside is required.

    Price 35  VAT excl.
    Sticker + Laminate
    Code: Sticker+Laminate-0

    Graphic press sticker with protective laminate

    Price 32  VAT excl.
    Sticker + Laminate (UV Polimer)
    Code: Sticker+Laminate-UV-Polimer-0

    Long-lasting graphic print sticker with UV-resistant protective polymer laminate. Adapted for long-term outdoor conditions.

    Price 52  VAT excl.
    Textile (BACKLIT)
    Code: Textile-BACKLIT-0

    Special light-permeable textile material

    Price 65  VAT excl.
    Textile (BlockOut)
    Code: Textile-BlockOut-0

    Print on canvas that is opaque on the other side.

    Price 45  VAT excl.
    Textile (fabric, canvas)
    Code: Textile-0

    Printing on canvas, flag or other textile fabric (various materials available).

    Price 40  VAT excl.
  • Digital and offset printing on paper, cardboard, stickers, plastic planes.