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    A logo is a written name or abbreviation that can have a special font, be integrated with the graphic background, and contain various symbols. The logo must reflect the essence of the existing object (company, product, service) and emphasize its spirit. It helps to stand out from competitors, to ensure the quality of services or products. Each logo must stand out from the rest, be easily noticeable and recognizable. It is necessary to combine colors and composition in such a way that it does not cause difficulties in printing. Often, creating a logo can take several days or even months, depending on how quickly a composition that is compatible and satisfactory to everyone will be found. The logo is made in vector, because this format does not change and does not lose its shape and colors. It can be enlarged-reduced, applied in 3D graphics, layout, and a static picture of the desired size can be produced. Every professional company has a vector logo. When creating a logo, we will provide several options, working files, description, color codes. Price: from 250 + VAT


    The logo is your recognition and the beginning of success!


    Our work includes:

    • Corporate logos
    • Trademarks
    • Corporate slogans
    • Corporate style
    • Vectorization
    • Restoring lost logos


    What is a vector logo or vector drawing?

    It is a vector (curvilinear) form of computer graphics, when the image is created directly from geometric figures (points, lines, curves and polygons). Vector drawings or logos do not lose their quality when zooming in or out. You can easily change colors, adjust the shape, edit. They are convenient to use to print a small business card or a poster of several square meters. Usually stored in file formats .eps .cdr .pdf .svg .wmf .ai


    What is a simple drawing?

    It is a bitmap (Raster), standardly measured in pixels. Mostly used for web pages, text documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.), sending e-mails, presentations, etc. A large-format drawing (say 2000x1000 pix.) can be reduced 10 times without losing quality, but you cannot get a high-quality large one from a small drawing. That is if 200x100 pix. we will increase it to 2000x1000 pix. the file size will increase, but the quality will remain the same (visible points and irregularities). Most commonly saved in file formats .jpg .gif .png .bmp .tiff .psd .webp .raw .pdf



    We have two logos. One is a simple drawing, the other is vector. At first glance, they look similar and fit for the press. (click on the logos to see the differences around them)


    Print work was done from the submitted logos. You can see the differences and evaluate the quality of the graphics.



    Does the company need a vector logo?

    In short, yes. Every self-respecting company has one. It is used in printing, sign making, engraving, cutting, 2D and 3D graphics, screen printing and other works. Visual symbols are the most effective way for customers to remember you, convey the essence and values of your activity, and help you stand out from others.



    Vectorization - if sometimes your logo was lost, misplaced or otherwise disappeared from your sight, you can send your existing logo drawing and our designers will vectorize it. Depending on the complexity, the work can take from several minutes to several hours. We also vectorize various drawings or photos. We perform the work quickly and with high quality. Price: 15-100 € + VAT

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