LED-BOX-100x100 Textile BlockOut (White)

  • LED-BOX-100x100 Textile BlockOut (White)

    Code: LED-BOX-100x100-Textile-BlockOut-White

    Opaque textile without print

    1 pcs.
    Fabric (textile)
    100 cm
    100 cm
    350 g
  • BlockOut fabric - used for billboards, photo walls and advertising, when the other side of the poster shines with lighting lamps or the sun outside the window. This fabric will keep the graphic image maximally unchanged, it will not shine through the existing construction. The textile material has a second layer on its other side (the color is usually black), thanks to which the light is blocked and does not allow it to penetrate. Made of high quality materials.



    Graphic posters:

    • 1000 x 1000 mm