How to stick a film or a graphic sticker?

  • How to stick a film or a graphic sticker?

    Tips on how to properly stick graphic stickers, toning or frosting films on a plane, glass or other surface.

    1. Surface preparation.
    The surface must be clean, without any grease or dust. It is recommended to use special degreasing agents. If the surface has been varnished or painted, you need to wait about 3-4 weeks for it to harden properly.

    2. Gluing.
    The film is glued at a temperature not lower than +10°C. It is recommended to heat the edges of the film with a hot air dryer to better withstand fluctuations in air temperatures within 24 hours. If small air bubbles have formed, they can also be removed with a hot air dryer.

    3. Storage.
    It is recommended to store in a dry place away from sunlight between +10 and +25°C. If the film has been standing for a long time, its adhesiveness can be increased by heating it to +40°C, but it is not necessary to overdo it or overheat, so that the film does not lose its technical properties.

    4. De-gluing and removal.
    To remove old films, it is recommended to use a hot air dryer. Then the film softens and easily detaches from the surface. You can remove glue residues with white spirit or another special tool. Care should be taken if thinner is used as it may affect the paint or varnish. Do not use acetone, it is a very strong solvent and will dissolve most surfaces, including plastic!


    Gluing the film on the glass:
    You will need: a knife, a sprayer, a mop, cleaning products, soapy water (you can use dishwashing detergent).

    1. Clean the glass thoroughly with cleaning agents. Dry cleanly with a paper towel - it is important that the surface is completely clean without any dust. Then spray with soapy water and leave.


    2. Cut the film 2-3 cm larger than the glass.


    3. You can use two pieces of masking tape to separate the protective film more easily.

    4. Peel off the protective film by thoroughly wetting the film adhesive with soapy water. Do not spare the liquid, it is important that the sprayed area is completely covered.


    5. Flip over and stick the film on the glass.


    6. Spray the film to make the wiper slide well.


    7. Starting from the top, use a squeegee to push out the water between the window and the cling film. You need to push from the center to the sides (left and right).


    8. Trim the edges of the excess film along the perimeter.