BannerUp Cabrio

  • BannerUp Cabrio

    Code: MAR-81150

    Premium quality retractable Roll-Up stand with replaceable finish. The poster is ordered separately.

    Country of manufacture
    Aluminum (anodized)
    Advertising position
    Advertising image
    One sided
    209 cm
    8,5 cm
    88 cm
    6 Kg
    10 years
  • BannerUp Cabrio is the first Swedish-made retractable banner stand with replaceable finishing panels. Has a patented quick poster change feature. It is convenient, quick and easy to change the color and style, so the stand will exactly match your advertising graphics. You'll also stand out by having your branding on the finish panel. This mobile promotional floor banner is an ideal product for exhibitions, events, conferences and sales promotion campaigns, and is also a perfect sales assistant. The graphic poster is well protected in a metal case and is simply pulled out. Assembly takes just a couple of seconds as the poster is retracted by an internal torsion spring. Less than one minute and you are ready for your presentation. Our designers can help you make the desired advertising or informational posters - ASK. The manufacturer provides even a 10-year warranty!



    Quick change poster! - you pull out the old one through the side of the banner and insert a new one in its place.
    Attention! - before pulling the poster out of the case, be sure to fix the position of the spring mechanism with the latch. Otherwise, the spring will uncoil.

    Through the side of the BannerUp structure, you can easily change the advertising poster with the print to another one



    Manufacturer / Importer: Sweden



    This set includes:

    • BannerUp stand - 1 pc. (poster ordered separately)
    • Transport bag - 1 pc.
    • Poster quick change kit - 1 pc.