Prices for each shipment are calculated individually, depending on the weight and distance of the package. We offer our customers convenient and fast delivery of goods in the following ways:

DPD courier door-to-door delivery!

Regular shipping, 1-2 business days.

The price is negotiated separately.
(from 8 € + VAT)

LP Express — door-to-door delivery!

Alternative shipping, 1-2 business days.

The price is negotiated separately.

Sending by bus - delivery to the consignment department of the bus station.

Express delivery on the same day, depends on the bus schedule.

Shipping price + delivery to the station parcel department fee: 20 € + VAT

EuroEGO company's transport

Price: 0,8 € + VAT \ km (light)
Price: 3 € + VAT \ km (heavy)


Receiving goods

When you are taking the packages and boxes, be sure to look threw them if the are no damage. If packages has a physical damage, you can disagree to accept them. If you decided to accept, notice the detailed description in delivery act of what the package was delivered. Unpack the shipment for visual check of the goods in participation of courier.


1. Zip codes in cities and towns search:
2. If the recipient fails timely to take the package, he pays all the costs involved.
3. EuroEGO is responsible for production only due to transfer of a parcel to courier service. For damages or non-delivery on time, pays the shipping service, according to internal rules and fees.