Stands "EGO" aluminum

Ego gives wings to a bright new idea of having a distinctive graphic panel system with room for much more creativity and customized designs, compared to more limited stand building and pop-up systems. The construction virtually disappears in favor of the printed graphics, your message – visual communication at its best. The new concept is delivered as a highly engineered, yet extremely simple building system using only three basic components. Ego can be assembled in virtually any size and shape configuration, with the structural integrity for mounting heavy accessory items such as LCDs, product showcases, and load bearing shelves. To keep things simple, Ego even provides completely tool-free assembly. Manufacturer's warranty for 10 years!

Prices and examples:

For price calculation and constructions please contact us. We will prepare a project with 3D visualization.
Exposition examples:

From one system you can build another!

Easy to construct!

Build high and impressive towers! Add lights and you will have more attention.

Make different size podiums!

Build different headers!

Transportation bags and cases

Additional bags (there are different sizes): 20-60 € + VAT
Plastic box on wheels (for construction and posters): 320 € + VAT
Aluminium and wooden box on wheels (for construction): 715 € + VAT
Add shelves and monitors (LCD size <29")

TV mounting (single, to 8kg): 110 € + VAT
TV mounting (double, to 20kg): 175 € + VAT

The possibility of hanging a production


Video gallery:


Technical information

Technical information