Business card collector

An excellent tool to collect visitors' business cards during the presentations and exhibitions, good for collection of voting slips. Graphic design can attract more attention from visitors, and an information frame at the top will inform about the purpose of the stand. The Flexiframe brochure pocket can be added. Manufacturer's warranty for 5 years!

No. 7620+7623
material: plastic, metal
4 frames A4 + 3 frames 29,7x70 cm and 2 table tops
- 3 pcs. 5 mm foam centered boards, 29,7x70 cm. Choose from five colors: blue, red, black, light grey and white.
- 3 pcs. transparent acrylic panels, A4
- 1 pc. “poster-pocket”, A4 (for the top frame)
Price: 200 € + VAT

You can add your graphical print, logo or text
Print: 10 € + VAT (1 pcs.)