Wind Master

Double sided outdoor exposition floor stand with aluminum snap-frames. This stand has hidden wheels so you can quickly and easily transported from one place to another. Stand's frame is made of anodized aluminum, graphic print is placed by opening frame sides. For more stability, in the support plastic pad fill water.


Outdoor stand with wheels. Easy to transport!

Outdoor stand A1 (double-sided)

No. AVL-1
material: aluminum, plastic, steel
frame size: 59,4x 84cm (A1)
weight: 14kg

Price: 170 € + VAT
Print: 26 € + VAT

Outdoor stand A0 (double-sided)

No. AB-2
material: aluminum, plastic, steel
frame size: 84x 119cm (A0)
weight: 28kg

Price: 310 € + VAT
Print: 52 € + VAT

Outdoor floor stand has transparent protective plastic intended to protect the graphic posters.