Brochure holders

Brochure holders are the easy way to display your literature at exhibitions, product launches or conferences as well as a useful display in your reception area. The range includes portable styles, single sided or double sided and collapsing or folding types. We have a huge selection of brochure holders in different shapes, sizes and prices.

Intelligent properties:
Practicality - allows you to convey relevant information in the form of print (brochures, flyers, catalogs, magazines, books and etc..)
Compact - takes up less space, easier to store.
Simplicity - brochure holders easily prepared for use by all - men, women, elderly people, children.
Durability - properly used brochure holders may serve more than a decade, without losing its existing properties.
Time - preparing to use brochure holders it takes very low time - from just a few seconds.
Attractive design - aesthetic, modern and innovative design can attract eye more.