Equipment rental

We offer additional equipment, as well as its service during the event. Rent price is for the event until 7 days, additional day 1/30 rents price's.

In addition, we provide:
1. The equipment transportation: 0.8 + VAT / km. (min. 20 + VAT)
2. Hardware connection: 20 + VAT
3. Hardware service during the event: 30 + VAT / hour.


Audio equipment
Very popular use for conferences, presentations, show and other events.

1. Option MAXI (stereo) - 1600W

Speaker (800W) - 2pcs.
Mixer (combines up to 8 channels) - 1pc.
Cables and Adapters - Kit

Rent: 105 + VAT

2. Option MINI (mono) - 800W

Speaker (800W) - 1pc.
Cables and Adapters - Kit

Rent: 50 + VAT

3. Option MINI (stereo) - 1600W

Speaker (800W) - 1pcs.
Cables and Adapters - Kit

Rent: 80 + VAT

1. MAXI (stereo) It has the advantage that can be run simultaneously on up to 8 audio devices (including wired microphones) and adjust each sound level, effects and so on.
2. MINI (mono) the most economical option, you can run one audio device and 2 wired microphones (sound control in speaker's back).
3. MINI (stereo) the same as the MINI (mono), two speakers in producing stereo sound.


Wireless microphones
Very popular use for conferences, presentations, show and other events. More freedom, and much more convenient than a wired microphone.

Two-channel wireless microphone system with two mobile fixed frequency microphones. Battery life up to 10 hours. Working distance: 60 meters.
LCD display, RF and AF indicators, audio level control, dynamic cardioid capsule, balanced XLR and unbalanced TS 6,3mm jack outputs.
Rent: 25 € + VAT


8 Chanel mixer

It is advantageous to use at startup musical background along with microphones, musical instruments. You can adjust the volume level of each channel, run music files from USB.
Rent: 35 € + VAT


800 W Sound speaker (we have 2 pcs.)

A speaker with a built-in amplifier. Sound level: 106 dB sound range: 40-20.000Hz, power: 800W. Dimensions: 67x43x34cm.
Rent: 40 € + VAT


Smoke machine
1L Smoke machine filled with the best quality and the highest density of smoke liquid, which is enough for about 5 events. You can use manual or remote control.

Power: 900W
Smoke edition: 50 m3 / min.
Smoke fluid heating: 4 min.

Rent: 40 € + VAT


Mini laser (we have 2 pcs.)

DC 5V / 1A
Dimension: 11x10x5cm
Rent: 12 € + VAT


LED stroboskope
Highly efficient light device that will enliven the event. Function: AUTO, from music (you can choose the program) or DMX.

Power: 10W

Rent: 20 € + VAT


Black light (we have 2 pcs.)
Once known as the neon light for the place in a dark environment. One holder has two lamps, for greater effect.

Power: 60W x 2 = 120W
Rent: 20 € + VAT


Samsung 50" (127cm)

Rent: 60 € + VAT


TV Stand
30-60", maximum load 60 kg.

Rent: 25 € + VAT



Mobile mounting turret on wheels (we have 2 pcs.)
Platform 120x160cm
Height up to 7,6m

Kilnijamas montavimo bokštelis ant ratų.

Sections 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1 5+1
Total height 2,7m 3,9m 5,1m 6,4m 7,6m
Platform height 1,6m 2,8m 4m 5,3m 6,5m
Price (up to 7d.) 30 €+VAT 40 €+VAT 50 €+VAT 60 €+VAT 70 €+VAT
Price (+1d.) 3 €+VAT 4 €+VAT 5 €+VAT 6 €+VAT 7 €+VAT


Technical information