Connecting poles

The poles come in 3 lengths, for frames with panel size 100, 41, 30 cm and they can be joined with the help of an inner screw. An ideal trade show height of 250 cm is achieved by assembling two 100 cm poles with frames and one 41 cm pole with top frame. The poles and clips are available in blue and black.

Colors of poles and pole clips: blue or black. End cap is available in black only.
Description No. Price: € + VAT
Pole for 100 cm 3504 30
Pole for 41 cm 3505 26
Pole for 30 cm 3506 24
Double screw 3502 6
End cap 3501 1,5
Pole clip 3500 2,3

Please note!
Frames can not be connected in angles less than 75 degrees, for example triangular towers.

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