Easy RollDouble

Easy RollLuxury - it's really wonderful, German-made, removable banner stand with twice the advertising impact. Your graphics will stay protected in the cassette during transportation from dust, dirt and damages. This banner is quick to assemble and very light making it easy to handle. You can put the graphics on both sides and have double impact. Display your information in both sides and no one will miss your message.

High-quality nylon transport bag, dual cassette tape (you can use both or one), simple poster hanging.

No. ED1-23
materials: aluminum
color: silver
size: 85x200cm
weight: 9,3kg
Price: 194 € + VAT

*Print: 52 € + VAT
**Print: 104 € + VAT
size: 100x200cm
weight: 11,1kg
Price: 218 € + VAT

*Print: 66 € + VAT
**Print: 132 € + VAT

*Usual printing material
**Improved quality printing material

Technical information