Easy RollLuxury

Easy RollLuxury - it's really wonderful, German-made, removable stand. Just 15 seconds to assemble and be ready to present. Its rugged roller mechanism make it fast as well. You won‘t need any tools which makes it even faster to work with. Its elegant, has a massive foot for absolute stability. A customized carrying bag makes it convenient to take it everywhere.

No. ED1-31
materials: aluminum
color: silver
size: 85x200cm
weight: 4,3kg
Price: 170 € + VAT

*Print: 26 € + VAT
**Print: 52 € + VAT
size: 100x200cm
weight: 5,1kg
Price: 185 € + VAT

*Print: 33 € + VAT
**Print: 66 € + VAT

*Usual printing material
**Improved quality printing material

Technical information