Easy RollBamboo

The first rollup banner made of 100% biodegradable bamboo are not only good looking, but eco-friendly as well. Can be easily set up and represents company or product in the most elegant way. Easy to set-up and takes up very little space, easy to transport, combines high functionality and low environmental impact. Bamboo is one of the best materials for replace plastic. Easy RollBamboo banner combines the idea of a successful company presentation with the idea of ecological responsibility. Thus a positive corporate image can be transferred to the customer.

No. ED12-31
graphic size: 80*200cm
material: bamboo, aluminum roller
package: double cotton fabric bag (green color)
weight: 6,2 kg
Price: 430 € + VAT

Print: 28 € + VAT (*Usual printing material)
Print: 56 € + VAT (**Improved quality printing material)

Technical information