BannerUp double plus

The “Double Plus” is extremely stable and is available in the width of 88 cm and in heights of 212 cm (standard), 226 cm and 245 cm (please contact us)! The cassette comes in a padded carrying bag on wheels for ultimate portability. Manufacturer's warranty for 10 years!

No. 81125
color: silver
material: aluminum
width: 88 cm
height: 212 cm
weight: 14 kg
Price: 345 € + VAT

Print: 54 € + VAT (*Usual printing material)
Print: 107 € + VAT (**Improved quality printing material)

Easy banner change. An invention by MarkBric enables you to repeatedly use different banners in the same cassette. Just slide the old banner out of the cassette and replace it with a new one.

Connected units
BannerUp is ideal to connect side-by-side to achieve a full size backwall. Thanks to the unique design of BannerUp, the gap between the separate banners is kept at a minimum. A simple plastic connector (+ one spare) is included, free of charge, with the delivery of all BannerUp units. A stronger and more secure metal connector can be purchased as an accessory.

Angle (degree) 180 135
No. 89011 89012
Price € + VAT 7 7
LED spotlight, 240 lumen with easy fit connector to the system. 12V / 18 W, incl. transformer. The spotlights are delivered as a pair in our padded shock-proof spotlight bag. Extra low weight 270 gram/spotlight.

No. 80021
color: grey
Price: 99 € + VAT (1pcs. spotlight)
Poster requires upper and lower profiles. New banner comes with upper and lower profile.
Size: 88 cm
No. 81020
Price: 27 € + VAT


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