This is the perfect solution for fast and mobile delivery of presentations, a new and important information to convey. Wide use: exhibitions, advertising, conferences, links, campaigns, presentations, etc. Banner stands can be arranged separately or combined together.

Intelligent properties:

  • Usability - allows you to attract attention, convey important information, change information to others without changing all construction.
  • Lightness - selected materials, which have led to lower transport weight.
  • Compactness - occupies less space, easier to store.
  • Simplicity - easy to stand ready for use by all - men, women, elderly people, children.
  • Durability - used to stand properly, you may serve for more than a decade without losing its holding properties.
  • Time - preparing to use the stands, demolition and graphic material change takes a little time - from just a few seconds.
  • Attractive design - aesthetic, modern and innovative design can attract eye more.
  • Easy construction - less detailed - less headaches.