An elegant and modern design flag stand. This is a great promotional tool for disseminating information to the entrance, near shopping centers, sales, public halls, exhibition area, in nature, different events and so on. Flying banners are formed into a beautiful and aesthetic composition, when they are placed in parallel paths. The flag stand is supplied with a transport bag.

materials: steel leg, plastic coated steel pole, fiberglass top bar
color: black

height: 3m
weight: 5,6 kg

Price: 85 € + VAT
Print: 87 € + VAT

height: 4m
weight: 6,1 kg

Price: 95 € + VAT
Print: 116 € + VAT

height: 5m
weight: 6,7 kg

Price: 105 € + VAT
Print: 145 € + VAT

Choose foot: plastic screw or metal spike

Flag types: