Lightweight and durable flagpole. Can be used indoor or near the car - just pick up a wheel bearing on a plate. Graphic advertisement and elegant design perfectly serves for caching audience attention in exhibitions, car parks, sales outlets and other attractions. Easy to ready to use, compact for transportation. The stand is supplied with a transport bag.

materials: steel leg, plastic coated steel pole, fiberglass top bar
color: black

height: 3m
weight: 5,6 kg

Price: 85 € + VAT
Print: 87 € + VAT

height: 4m
weight: 6,1 kg

Price: 95 € + VAT
Print: 116 € + VAT

height: 5m
weight: 6,7 kg

Price: 105 € + VAT
Print: 145 € + VAT

Flag types: