Digital printing (wide)

We provide wide format print, which designs, perform layout work, produce advertising.

Press on the white adhesive film - is the most commonly used material for advertising, stands production (eg.: FOGA stands or TETRA exhibition stands). The film may be laminated with laminate, so the paint is protected against scratches, UV rays, dirt (dirt can be cleaned with white spirit).

Press on the tent (PVC) - is the most commonly used material for advertising, and stands (eg. Stand system X, Chrome tube TUBE stands, Banners). Very practical and cheap, you can punch out the rivets (rings) along the perimeter and stretched on a frame, quick to install, easy to transport. The material is strong, weather resistant, flexible, almost untear and waterproof, it is possible to combine the separate parts (solder each other), thus extending the printout to a very wide dimensions. The maximum print width of 5 meters, length is not limited. Tilt does not require additional protection or surveillance.



  • Press on the „MESH“ tent and textile - is untear mesh-like material, permeable to wind or light, weather-resistant, moisture. Suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. It can be connected to the individual parts, punched rings (rivets). You can print on both sides of the advertising used indoors or outdoors, color long remain a contrasting, bright and beautiful.

  • Press on tissue - fabric perfectly suitable for multiple use, as well as indoor and outdoor use, usually used to cover a large area, Flag poles, Flying banners. Quality fabric color does not fade and wear away quickly, can be washed and trimmed.


  • Printing on paper - designed for various sizes of internal and external advertising, floor stand or stands, Flexiframe or Click frames, short-term advertising. Laminated paper can thus protect against dirt and scratches, the press will become more resistant to abrasion and UV rays.
  • Printing on synthetic paper (polypropylene) - a material similar to plastic, which is resistant to UV rays and moisture, the color remains bright, contrasting and beautiful. Suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising, various stands, it can be laminated.

  • Printing on canvas (natural or synthetic) - a strong and high-quality fabric for indoor use, ideal for high-end graphics for advertising, mounted on the frame, often used in conjunction with a Frame hanging system.


  • Printing on Roll up material - is a special material, which edges do not bend, the most commonly used mobile Rollups and BannerUP stands (PP, PET or DECO tent). The surface is smooth and untear, for internal use only.


  • Press on the "BLOCKOUT" - is a multi-layer material, which is mainly used for magnetic stand (Popup, SnapUp, ISOframe). It is resistant to ultra-violet rays and impervious to light (contains an aluminum layer), untear, firm. To paint do not scratch from the surface, the material is usually laminated. Then it can be cleaned with white spirit.


  • Printing on perforated adhesive vinyl - a high-quality sticker, whose image is visible only from one side. Used for indoor and outdoor use. For cars and other vehicles windows, glass decorations. Good light transmission, resistant to rain, frost, UV rays.


  • Printing on a transparent adhesive film - can be used both indoors and outdoors for bonding on the glass or other smooth surface. The most commonly used for windows, partitions, on the door or window.


  • Press on the magnetic film - it's a film on one side magnetic (black), and the other white, of the press, or simply used as a magnetic bulletin board information stands (schools, kindergartens, offices and so on - where you need it to attach temporary information, schedules, menus). This film is also used on cars, refrigerators, freezers, door or other metal surface. The magnetic film is easy to peel-off adhesive and does not leave any marks on the surface. Printing on the floor adhesive film - it's a great promotional tool designed to stick on the floor, different surfaces (laminate, parquet, parquet, tile, concrete, linoleum, etc.). It is mainly used in markets, supermarkets, pharmacies, cinemas, exhibitions, museums, corridors, bus stations, airports or other places where the flow of people.


Print on BACKLIT film - it's a special light-permeable material, which is perfectly spreads light evenly distribute it. The film coated with a special layer, which provides printing color brightness, all the advertising space will be well lit and well visible. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The most commonly used light box, advertising scoreboards, LED snap frames.