Logos and brands

Logo - it is written name or other text, which can contain a specific font, be continuous with a graphic background, embrace a variety of characters. Logo should reflect the existing object (a company, product, services), and highlight the essence of its spirit. It helps to distinguish themselves from their competitors to ensure the quality of the products or services. Each logo must be distinguished from each other and be easily visible and recognizable. It is necessary to combine color and composition so as to avoid difficulties in the printing. Often logo creation can take several days or even months, depending on how quickly detectable, consistent and satisfying of all compositions. The logo is produced in vector, because this format does not change and lose their shape and color. It can increase, reduce, adapt 3D graphics, prototyping, produce the desired size of a static image. Each professional company has a vector logos. Creating a logo, we will present several options. Price: from 150 € + VAT

Our work includes:
►branded logos
►branded corporate identity

It is often need to explain to customers, that the majority of  their static image (.bmp,. jpg,. png,. gif or others) may not be suitable for the available size, color, compression strength, miss of "zero" color. To demonstrate the clear differences, we present an example:

We have two logos. One is a simple sketch, the other - vector. At first glance they look similar and suitable for release.

(click on the logo, to see the difference)

The above logo was a printing works. You can review the differences and assess the quality of graphics.

(click on the print, to see the difference)

If your logo was lost or in other way is missing from your sight, you can upload your existing logo and our designers will vector it. Depending on the complexity of the work may take from few hours to several days. Price: 15-100 € + VAT