Flashcard creation price: from 100 € + VAT. Price increases, if:

a) animation is difficult, the cost can vary, so the first stage is to know your vision and needs, then we can calculate the preliminary work price.
b) add background music, price: 15 € + VAT
c) add sounds, price: +15-30 € + VAT
d) producing additional cards (additional languages, with different initials, logos, text, etc.), price: +15 € + VAT \ pcs.
e) if deed to create a greeting text, price: 3-15 € + VAT
f) if the text must be translated into other languages, cost: according to a translation services company fees (short standard phrases are for free).
g) if work on customer requests longer than normal, for example: text sliding to the left and right, often need to change font, colors, backgrounds, made the proper color or item search, for the details need to remake the animation, the customer does not precisely determined what he likes and what not, and so on. Designer's working hour price: 20 € + VAT \ hour